How we need Religion ?

How we need Religion?

Suppose, you bought a product. which product is your totally unknown. So How to use this product? Answer is this product I use by The guide line or guide book of this company or creator.

If you don't follow the guide line before useing this product may be it will be damage or accident or destroy.

Example - Car, Mobile, Computer, Tv

I show you another example that, suppose a student have 6 Subject in class. The student completed his exam and his result has published. He got 99 or 100 number in 5 subject but He fail in one subject. I ask you what he will passed the exam? Answer is no.

This example means - You have done everything for living in the world and if you do nothing for the time of restoration or rebirth, you have fail in 1 subject and the results is Fail. And After you fail, the creator will punish you. Apart from this, there will be many problems or will be increase all problem in the world, such as murder, rape, hijacking, oppression, torture, etc.

So we need Religion because Religion and books of religion is guide line of our life or solution for Humanity.